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We demand more and more from our soil. This is understandable, but does not benefit the soil fertility. When soil is exhausted there are little to no minerals and trace elements remain. As a grower, greenkeeper or gardener you should therefore always try to maintain soil fertility.

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Lava Meal adds minerals and trace elements to maintain soil fertility.

Lava Meal or rock meal is finely ground volcanic rock, which is naturally full of minerals and trace elements. Lava meal helps maintain soil fertility and prevents exhaustion. This is important to ensure the plant stays healthy.

Characteristics of Lava Meal:

  • Contains minerals and trace elements;
  • Contains a high dose of silicon.
  • Easily processable;
  • Can be added to your own mix by Pure;
  • Excellently combinable with worm humus and zeolite;
  • Suitable for organic growing in accordance to Skal and EU guidelines.


Productspecificaties van Lavameel

  • 100% rock meal;
  • Feel free to contact us for a complete list of nutrients.
Sports & Golf Golf greens: 400 to 1500 kg per ha depending on your soil
Agri- & horticulture Soil: 400 to 1500 kg per ha depending on your soil. Potting soil: 30 kg per m³.
Landscaping Lawns and borders: 40 to 150 grams per m².