The golf course golf-ready at the first rays of sunshine.

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The first rays of sunshine of the year usher in the new golf season. This means the grass on the tees, fairways and greens should be green and full. This is one of the challenges for greenskeepers in golf course maintenance. Send us a message Back to overview

Keep grass green

Of course. it’s better to keep grass green than having to create it in the short term. But winters can be harsh and take a toll on the grass. So how do you keep grass on the golf course healthy? Fertilisers with a high potassium (K) content can provide greener grass even at temperatures as low as 8°C. This is because potassium provides a firm cell structure, which hardens the plant. It also increases the production of chlorophyll. In this way, the golf course is always ready for the first, possibly unexpected, rays of sunshine.

Create long-lasting green grass quickly

What if the grass still isn’t as green as desired at the beginning of the season? Then iron (Fe) is the ultimate solution. Iron quickly provides visibly greener grass. Iron increases the production of chlorophyll and chlorophyll in turn stimulates the photosynthesis process. This makes the grass greener and that healthy, green colour will last a long time. This happens without the grass growing faster.