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Everyone, people and animals, should be able to move around safely in public spaces. Even if flowerbeds and grass in the park have just been fertilised, it should still be possible to play, do sports and relax there. Fertilisers therefore need to be safe for people and animals. Send us a message Back to overview

Organic is safe

There is a very wide range of products that contain organic components. These are plant or animal ingredients from nature. They are processed in various ways to create a product: a fertiliser. These fertilisers are not only safe for humans and animals, but also highly nutritious for the soil and plants.

Organic is nutritious

Organic fertilisers work with the soil and the plant. The soil life is nourished and converts the fertilisers into something the plant can absorb. This is in contrast to mineral fertilisers. They are only nutritious for the plant, not the soil. The symbiotic effect that occurs with organic fertilisation ensures a healthy plant and soil. Furthermore, the risk of over-fertilisation is much lower.