Stress-free maintenance in all weather conditions

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When you make a schedule, there is no guarantee the weather will cooperate. Because of this, you may need to perform maintenance on sports fields in less than ideal weather. In such cases, the grass needs to be a bit more robust to withstand the maintenance done. Send us a message Back to overview

Increasing stress tolerance of grass

In stressed conditions, reactive oxygen compounds are formed in the cells of a plant. This is harmful to the cells and therefore harmful to the plant. To give the grass a higher tolerance, you can use fertilisers that act as antioxidants. With this, the plant experiences much less stress in case of maintenance during less favourable weather.

Promoting recovery of grass

After stressful situations such as maintenance in unfavourable weather, the plant’s recovery can be aided by adding free amino acids. Normally, a plant needs to convert nutrients to be able to absorb them. This conversion, breakdown and rebuilding takes energy. The higher a plant’s energy consumption, the higher the stress. Free amino acids can be absorbed directly and therefore cost the plant much less energy. Because of this, free amino acids can reduce stress and they are used as building blocks by the plant and therefore aid recovery.