Amino II

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Amino II

Plants experience a lot of abiotic stress like repotting or temperatures that are too high or too low. The formation of buds, flowers and fruits also costs a lot of energy. Amino acids can help the plant deal with abiotic stress by keeping it strong and energetic. This is thanks to different mechanisms like acting as nitrogen and carbon reserves, but also due to pH regulation. Amino II can be used in organic cultivation in accordance to SKAL, NOP and EU guidelines.

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Amino II is certified for biological agri- and horticulture by Skal and Control Union (EU and NOP).

Amino II is an versatile fertiliser suitable for organic growing in The Netherlands (SKAL) and Europe. It contains 9% organic nitrogen originating among others from the hydrolysis of proteins. Thanks to the 18 essential amino acids it lowers plant stress, improving the crop’s development.

Characteristics of Amino II:

  • Contains 18 essential amino acids;
  • Lowers abiotic stress, for instance when repotting;
  • Stimulates growth;
  • Contains 9% organic nitrogen from hydrolysed proteins;
  • Useable with all crops;
  • Certified for organic growing by SKAL and Control Union (EU and NOP).

Product specifications of Amino II.

  • Organically bound N 9%;
  • Hydrolysed proteins;
  • Packaging: 10 L can;
  • Density: 1,19 kg per L;
  • Amino acids (g/100g) total: 57,18, among which; glycine 14,74, proline 7,88, hydroxyproline 6,26, glutamine 5,8, alanine 5,07, arginine 3,76, aspartic acid 3,16, lysine 1,87, leucine 1,79, valine 1,34, phenylalanine 1,14, serine 1,06, isoleucine 0,84, threonine 0,61, tyrosine 0,39, methionine 0,38, histidine 0,36, cysteine 0,06.
Sports & Golf Use between 25 and 45 grams per m² (240 and 450 kg per ha) in early spring.
Agri- and horticulture Soil: 10 to 20L per 1000 L water each week. Hydroculture: 50-100 ml /m³ for every application of nutrient solution.
Parks and gardens Lawns: 1 to 2 ml solved in 1 L water.