Bio II

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Bio II

There are quite a few demands for biological agri- and horticulture. It can be hard to find products that are effective and have the right certifications, which differ from country to country. This is why we developed Bio II: an all-round 7-7-10 fertiliser suitable for biological agri- and horticulture in accordance with Skal, NOP and European norms.

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Bio II: suitable for biological cultivation.

This composite organic fertiliser meets Skal, NOP and European guidelines for organic growing and is well suited for crops with a long cultivation period. Bio II can be used as a basic or additional fertiliser. The balanced composition ensures crops develop evenly. Bio II has a quick start and long effective period. It is rich in amino acids.

Characteristics of Bio II

  • Suitable for biological agri-and horticulture in accordance with Skal, NOP and European norms;
  • Quick start and gradual transition to optimally absorbable nutrients.;
  • Long availability of nutrients;
  • Stimulates the soil life;
  • Stimulates root development;
  • Ensures firm cell walls.

Product specifications of Bio II

  • Total N 7%;
  • Total P₂O₅ 7%;
  • Total K₂O 10% (extracted from blood meal, deather meal, bone meal and cocoa shells);
  • Packaging: 25 kg bag.
Agri- and horticulture Use 750 to 1500 kg per ha per cultivation.