Fe 8%

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Fe 8%

Fe or iron is essential for a plant: it’s important for energy management. Iron helps form chlorophyll that is required for photosynthesis. The form of iron found in soil or added as a mixture may have varying effects on the plant. Often, Fe³⁺ is used. The uptake of this costs the plant a lot of energy and it is often chelated with salts. Fe²⁺ can be chelated with a polymer for direct uptake that costs the plant no extra effort.

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Fe 8% Contains Fe²⁺ for direct uptake.

Fe 8% contains chelated Fe in the form of Fe²⁺ which is directly absorbable without costing the plant any extra effort. It contains P and K to supply the plant with the necessary energy and strengthen the cell walls. Fe 8% is a quality product suited for almost all crops.

Characteristics of Fe 8%:

  • Costs the plant no extra effort for uptake;
  • Directly absorbable;
  • Increases the formation of chlorophyll;
  • Has a positive effect on the colour of the plant;
  • Contains a balanced ratio of P and K for extra energy and hardness;
  • Contains no salts.


Product specifications of Fe 8%

  • K₂O 8%;
  • Fe 8%;
  • P₂O₅ 5%;
  • Packaging: 10 L can;
  • Density: 1,3 g/ ml.
Sports & Golf Open soil: 5 to 10 L per ha diluted to 1:30 every 3 weeks. Hydroponics: use 1 to 3 ML per L nutrient solution.