Fe Turf

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Fe Turf

Fe or iron is essential for a plant: it’s important for energy management. Iron helps form chlorophyll that is required for photosynthesis and a beautiful green colour. The form of iron found in soil or added as a mixture may have varying effects on the plant. Often, Fe²⁺ is used. The uptake of this costs the plant a lot of energy and it is often chelated with salts. Fe²⁺ can be chelated with a polymer for direct uptake that costs the plant no extra effort.

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Fe Turf contains Fe²⁺ for direct uptake and gives your grass a deep green colour.

Fe Turf contains chelated Fe in the form of Fe²⁺, which is directly absorbable without costing the plant any extra effort. It contains P and K to supply the plant with the necessary energy and strengthen the cell walls. Fe Turf quickly colours your grass deep green, making it suitable for the most demanding users and greenkeepers.

Characteristics of Fe Turf:

  • Costs the plant no extra effort for uptake;
  • Directly absorbable;
  • Increases the formation of chlorophyll;
  • Has a positive effect on the colour of the plant;
  • Contains a balanced ratio of P and K for extra energy and hardness;
  • Contains no salts.

Product specifications of Fe Turf

  • K₂O 8%;
  • Fe 8%;
  • P₂O₅ 5%;
  • Packaging: 10 L can;
  • Density: 1,3 g/ ml.
Sports & Golf Golf green: use 5 to 10 L Fe Turf per ha diluted in 300 to 600 L water. Tees, fairways and sports fields: Use 5 to 10 L Fe Turf per ha diluted in 300 to 600 L water. Lawns: Use 1 ml per m² in 0,5 to 1 L of water.