K 20%

Pure for the professional

K 20%

Potassium is an important nutrient for the plant: it strengthens the cell walls and keeps the grass strong and firm. This is essential when it starts getting cold or the course is used more often. To quickly make a high dose of potassium absorbable a liquid solution is required.

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Potassium strengthens the plant’s cell walls.

K 20% contains a high dose of quickly absorbable potassium. This means you can intervene quickly when a greater need for potassium arises. It can also easily be combined with other (N-)fertilisers, to achieve the desired ratio.

Characteristics of K 20%:

  • Easy to dose;
  • Combinatory with a varierty of products;
  • High potassium content for effective use;
  • Quickly absorbable by the plant;
  • Potassium plays an important role during photosynthesis;
  • Enzyme activation is triggered by potassium;
  • Potassium is essential for energy production.


Product specifications of K 20%

  • K₂O 20%
  • Packaging: 10 L can, 1000 L IBC;
  • Density: 1,23 kg/ L.
Sports & Golf Golf greens: 20 L per ha in 600 L water when the need arises. Tees, fairways and sports fields: 10 to 20 L in 600 L water every 2 to 4 weeks.
Agri- & horticulture Open soil: 10 to 20 L per ha in 600 L water when the need arises. Suitable for crops with a high potassium need.
Landscaping Lawns: 1 to 2 ml in 600 ml water per m²; when the need arises.