Pure Green 0-0-24

Pure for the professional

Pure Green 0-0-24

Towards the end of the growth season the golfgreen needs to be made winter ready. The grass needs to harden and be prepared for stress factors like cold. Of course, this should not hinder the golfer. This means extremely fine granules are desirable.

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Pure Green 0-0-24 makes the golf green winter ready

Pure Green 0-0-24 is a premium fertiliser in extremely fine SGN 80 granules. This homogeneous golf green fertiliser contains potassium sulphate and micronutrients to keep the golf green in optimal condition during demanding times. Pure Green 0-0-24 contains humic acids and kelp, which help the plant deal with abiotic stress. Golf greens that are treated with this fertiliser will perform better in winter and the coming spring.

Characteristics of Pure Green 0-0-24:

  • Contains potassium sulphate for a quick uptake of potassium and the advantages of a little extra sulphur for the formation of chlorophyll;
  • Contains Fe, Mn and Mg to supplement shortages and for a green colour;
  • Contains humic acids and kelp to improve energy management and decrease abiotic stress;
  • SGN 80 for an optimal distribution without hindrance to the golfer.

Product specifications of Pure Green 0-0-24

  • K₂O 24%;
  • Mg 2%;
  • S 11%;
  • Fe 3%;
  • Mn 1%;
  • Humic acids 1%;
  • Packaging: Bucket 20 kg;
  • Granulate size: SGN 80;
Sports & Golf Golf greens: 150 to 200 kg per ha in preparation for winter.