Pure Green 22-0-16

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Pure Green 22-0-16

The basic fertilisation of a golf green is important. The granulates need to be small to properly distribute the nutrients and to prevent hindrance to golfers. Additionally, growth spiked should be prevented through a regulated release of nitrogen (N).

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Pure Green 22-0-16 is a controlled release fertiliser in extremely fine SGN 80 granules

Pure Green 22-0-16 is a premium fertiliser that gets the golf green in an optimal condition. The fine SGN granules dissolve quickly and distribute nutrients optimally. The enrichment of trace elements, humic acids and kelp add to an optimal uptake of nutrients, strong energy management and a decrease in abiotic stress.

Characteristics of Pure Green 22-0-16:

  • SGN 80 for an optimal distribution without hindrance to the golfer;
  • Methylene urea for 3 months of controlled nitrogen release without leaving residue on the golfgreen;
  • Strong balance between nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) for a healthy growth;
  • Enriched with trace elements, humic acids and kelps to improve energy management and decrease abiotic stress.

Product specifications of Pure Green 22-0-16

  • Total nitrogen (N) 22% (methylene urea 17,6% non-water dissolvable 6,4%, urea 4,4%, other water dissolvable nitrogen 11,2%);
  • K₂O 16%;
  • MgO 1,16%;
  • S 6,2%;
  • Fe 1,6%;
  • Mn 0,8%;
  • Humic acids 1%;
  • Packaging: 20 kg bucket;
  • Granulate size: SGN 80;
Sports & Golf Golf greens: 110 to 190 kg per ha. Three to four times per season or as advised by your Pure advisor.