Pure Green 23-0-12

Pure for the professional

Pure Green 23-0-12

The basic fertilisation of a golf green is important. The granulates need to be small to properly distribute the nutrients and to prevent hindrance to golfers. Sometimes a fast acting fertiliser that gets the golf green dense and green quickly is preferred over controlled release.

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Pure Green 23-0-12 for a quick release of nutrients for a golf green that’s dense and green.

Like most premium fertilisers, Pure Green 23-0-12 comes in fine 80 SGN granules. The difference is the pricing. Because Pure Green 23-0-12 focusses solely on NK nutrients the price is lower than other premium fertilisers. Pure Green 23-0-12 has a quick release of nutrients to make the golf green dense and green quickly.

Characteristics of Pure Green 23-0-12:

  • Quick release of nitrogen (N);
  • Balanced ratio of N and K;
  • SGN 80 for an optimal distribution without hindrance to the golfer;
  • A budget-friendly premium fertiliser.

Product specifications of Pure Green 23-0-12

  • Total N 23%;
  • K₂O 12%;
  • MgO 1,7%;
  • Fe 1,5%;
  • SO₄ 16,5%;
  • Packaging: Bucket 20 kg;
  • Granulate size: SGN 80;
  • Density: 0,94 g/ ml.
Sports & Golf Golf greens: 110 to 190 kg per ha. Three to four times per season or as advised by your Pure advisor.