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Sport & Golf

Organic fertilisers have proven advantages, but mineral fertilisation has some strong points that organic products can’t offer. An organic-mineral fertiliser combines the best of both worlds.

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Sport & Golf brengt de voordelen van zowel organische als minerale meststoffen samen

Sport & Golf is an organic-mineral fertiliser that combines the fast effects of a mineral fertiliser and an organic fertilizer that has a time released effect. This guarantees a regular release of nutrients over a longer period of time. With Sport & Golf you nurture both grass and soil life. It also contains several species of bacteria, like Bacillus subtilis. Sport & Golf is excellently suited for use on tees, fairway and sports fields. It can also be used on golf greens that are ready for organic fertilisation.

Characteristics of Sport & Golf:

  • Complete NPK fertiliser, on partly organic basis;
  • Contains nitrogen for rapid growth;
  • Contains additional magnesium for green leaf;
  • Enriched with beneficial species of bacteria;
  • Contains 35% organic material.

Productspecificaties van Sport & Golf

  • Total nitrogen N 12% (Organically bound N 6%, N-CH₄N₂O (Ureum) 6%);
  • P₂O₅ 5%;
  • K₂O 5%;
  • MgO 3%;
  • Organic material 35% (Composed of: feather meal, bone meal and cocoa);
  • Bacteria (Bacillus sp.): 1 x 106 KVE/g;
  • Granulate size Medium Grade 2-4 mm, Fine Grade 1-2 mm;
  • Packaging 25 kg bag;
Sports & Golf Golf Greens: use 200 – 350 kg 3 to 5 times a year from a soil temperature of 8℃; Tees, fairways and sports fields: use 200 – 350 kg 3 to 5 times a year from a soil temperature of 8℃.
Landscaping Lawns: use 20 – 30 g per m²; times a year from a soil temperature of 8℃.