Turf Energy

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Turf Energy

Demands on the grass of a golf green are high. It’s important to make sure that the grass has the strength and energy to face up to the demands. Phosphates (P) and Potassium (K) are important for energy management and strength of a plant. Unfortunately, many phosphates are immobile. That makes it extra important to add these to your plant regularly and in the correct ratio. Too many phosphates can encourage the growth of Poa annua (meadow grass). Too little will make the grass go weak and powerless.

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Turf Energy ensures the grass will stay in peak condition.

Turf Energy contains P₂O₅ and K₂O in an optimal ratio. It’s also easily taken up by the plant. This gives the grass enough strength and energy to perform. This soluble source of phosphate and potassium does not become immobile in the soil and will remain available for the plant. Fast uptake means Poa annua doesn’t get the chance to flourish, with the right dosage.

Characteristics of Turf Energy:

  • Contains a good dose of P₂O₅ (phosphates) that are important in the formation of ATP, which is the form of energy in a plant;
  • P₂O₅ stimulates a healthy root development;
  • Contains K₂O which is important against stresses like heat, cold, drought and intensive traversing of the grass;
  • K₂O improves respiration and strengthens the cell structure of the grass.

Product specifications of Turf Energy

  • P₂O₅ 13%;
  • K₂O 13%;
  • Packaging 10 L can, 1000 L IBC;
  • Density: 1,26 g/ ml.
Sports & Golf Golf greens: dissolve 10 tot 20 L per ha in 1000 L of water every 4 to 6 weeks. Tees, Fairways en Sports fields: 10 to 20 L per ha in 1000 L of water every 6 weeks.
Landscaping Lawns: 2 ml per m² in 1 L of water every 6 weeks.