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Declining budgets have a major impact on golf course maintenance. The same result must be achieved with fewer resources and possibly fewer people. The challenge lies in organising all the maintenance activities efficiently. Controlled release fertilisers can help solve this challenge. Send us a message Back to overview

Fertilise fairways once per year

Fairways cover the greatest area of the golf course. Maintaining hectares of grass takes time and requires manpower. Maintenance activities such as scarifying, fertilising and mowing can be done more efficiently with controlled release fertilisers. In particular, controlled release fertilisers that are sensitive to temperature as well as moisture bring the greatest benefits. Nutrients are only released during periods when the temperature is high enough for the grass to take up the nutrients. In this way, nutrients are not wasted in colder periods. The controlled release of nutrients causes stable growth of the grass. That makes growth spikes a thing of the past.

Advantages of controlled release fertilisers

  • Fewer fertiliser applications

  • No more growth spikes, so less mowing

  • No waste of nutrients

  • Biopolymer coating helps improve soil life