Green Turf

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Green Turf

Magnesiumoxide (MgO), popularly known as magnesium, is important for the formation of chlorophyll. This impacts colour and is required for photosynthesis. Magnesium also helps with the absorption of many other nutrients. As a loose product, magnesium offers the advantage that its absorption is not blocked by nitrogen (N) or potassium (K).

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Green Turf contains 6,5% magnesiumoxide for a healthy green colour.

Green Turf is an easy to use magnesium (MgO) fertiliser that also contains sulphate (SO₄). It gives your grass a beautiful green colour. The advantage of a loose dosage is that a high dose potassium (K) or nitrogen (N) cannot block absorption. Dosing is also easy when you have to deal with deficiencies. Green Turf can be mixed with all TPC products like Fe Turf.

Characteristics of Green Turf:

  • Mangesium is important for the formation of chlorophyll, which impacts colour and the process of photosynthesis;
  • Plays an important role in the absorption of iron (Fe);
  • Improves the plant’s metabolism;
  • Is important for the proper absorption of phosophorus (P), making it essential for the phosphate metabolism since it acts as a phosphate carrier;
  • Activates multiple enzyme systems like respiration, photosynthesis and the synthesis of nucleic acid;
  • Plays an important role in the plant’s respiration;
  • Sulphate (SO₄) plays a vital part in the biosynthesis of proteins, co-enzymes and vitamins in the plant.


Product specifications of Green Turf

  • MgO 6,5%;
  • SO₄ 15,5%;
  • Packaging : 10 L can, 1000 L IBC;
  • Density: 1,22 kg/L.
Sports & Golf Golf greens 20 to 60 L per ha in 1000 L water every 4 weeks during growth season. Do not use at high temperatures.
Landscaping Lawns 2 to 6 ml per m² in 1 L water.